Patient Portal

What is the Patient Portal?
The Patient Portal is a web-based system that serves as a secure communication link between you and the doctor’s office. When you log in to the Portal with your private user name and password, you can see information that is pulled from your electronic record and displayed on the web page.

The Patient Portal Usage instructions can be downloaded HERE. This PDF document will explain how you use the Patient Portal from Scottsdale Family Physicians

After logging in to Portal, you can:
• Use the messaging feature to communicate with office staff and your provider.
• View your health summary information.
• Send health summary information update requests if you notice missing information.
• View results of lab and other diagnostic tests.
• Request a referral or a medication refill.
• Print or save an electronic copy of your Health Summary.

Patient Portal is free to new patients for one year. After the first year a nominal fee will be assessed if you choose to continue. Established patients can sign up for Patient Portal in the office.

If you are signed up for patient portal and receive a message that you need to update your Portal Authorization Consent Form, you can disregard that process and call or send a portal message to the office with a request to continue Patient Portal.

Open Patient Portal: